​     ​2016- 7 Tales of Wonder  

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CD 7 Tales Of Wonder

      Innocent Child

Ping Pong Chemistry


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Music & Lyrics by:         Suzanne Veronica

Music:                           Michael Anthony Passaro

Vocals:                          Suzanne Veronica

Guitar:                           Michael Anthony Passaro

Bass:                             Eric Mackinson

Drums:                           Ron Donato

Produced by:                 Michael Anthony Passaro & Suzanne Veronica

Recorded at:                 Gradwell House Recording- Haddon heights NJ




CD 7 Tales of Wonder

       Worlds Away

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Fair Weather Friends

           Suzanne Veronica & Michael Passaro

                                    Acoustic Originals

CD 7 Tale of Wonder

       I am Sure

​​​​2007/Single Release-Diana's Way

Currently in the Studio Working on CD #8

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                                    "Time into Time"

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7 Tales of Wonder CD

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7 Tales of Wonder

Title Track: 7 Tales of Wonder

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Ping Pong Chemistry

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